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How many PLSX will be there? Supply?
The supply of PLSX will be determined by the total USD value that will be sacrificed. All PLSX will be minted to Sacrificers. No developer allocation, no treasury, no insiders that get any PLSX!

What will PLSX be worth?
They will accrue value after you receive them. Even though price discovery will happen very fast nobody knows what the price of PLSX after the first trade will be.

Will I be able to store my PLSX in MetaMask?
Yes, you will only need to connect to PulseChain by switching the Network within MetaMask. Then you can see all your PRC20s including PLSX. You can store your PLSX in other wallets as well.

I still have questions! Where can I talk about PulseX?
Ask your questions to the tens of thousands of people in the official PulseX Chat. No admin will ever direct message you! Richard Heart will never ask you for any money.
HEX, PulseChain & Richard Heart What is HEX?
HEX.COM is the world's first Blockchain CD, airdropped for free to Bitcoin holders. It monetizes time by allowing users to stake their coins for a fixed amount of time, rewarding them with interest. The price of HEX has gone up over 10,000x (1,000,000%) so far! It was founded by Richard Heart who now develops cool stuff around PulseChain.

What is PulseChain?
PulseChain is an energy efficient, cheaper, faster, fee-burning Ethereum fork. Every single token on Ethereum (like HEX, LINK, UNI, USDC, DAI...) will be copied over to PulseChain. Every ETH holder gets free PLS ("Pulse")!

Should I buy HEX, sacrifice for PulseChain or for PulseX?
Nobody knows which one will perform the best.

Where can I learn more about Richard Heart?
Go to his personal website to read more about Richard.
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